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Maintanace skills about copper wire recycling plant

With the rise of copper rice machine equipment in recent years, this equipment has a good effect in processing waste cables, and it is also an environmentally friendly equipment with a better selling point in the market. If you don’t understand this kind of equipment, how can you buy a good quality and reasonable price equipment? Based on some of its own production experience, Shibang Machinery will provide you with some tips on buying and maintaining copper rice machines.

Maintenance knowledge of copper rice machine

1. Maintenance of the main machine crusher: The thickness after crushing is determined by the mesh size of the bottom screen. The thicker the copper wire, the larger the mesh should be. The bearing of the grinder should be added with high pressure grease three times a month. Sharpen the blade when the blade is worn;

2. Maintenance of the feeding machine: When the power is turned on, first press the green touch screen of the inverter on the electric cabinet to turn on, and then rotate the spin ball. The unloading speed number will appear on the display screen according to the actual production. Adjust the situation to a proper feeding speed;

3. Maintenance of the gravity separator: the gravity separator must be stable and level. Stability means that the whole machine does not shake when the machine is working, and the level means that the material flowing out of the copper port and the leather outlet is evenly left and right. If the output is more while the output is less, the southern dry powder miscellaneous wire copper rice machine should be raised on the side with more output. The higher the front and rear angle of the separator, the slower the vibration speed and the greater the amount of air, the more copper It is not easy to discharge to the copper outlet.

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