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How to recycling the Non-ferrous metals from waste pcb

Circuit board recycling equipment uses its characteristics to directly crush and sort circuit boards to achieve the purpose of circuit board crushing. The processing raw materials can include waste home appliance boards, copper clad laminates, frame materials, miscellaneous boards, mobile phone boards and other electrical circuit boards, which are generally crushed to Only 20 meshes can be separated. In addition, the equipment can not only deal with waste circuit boards, but other electronic waste materials can also be crushed and recycled, which is widely used. Shibang Machinery's electronic waste recycling equipment adopts airflow sorting equipment, and the sorting rate is as high as 97%. The equipment will generate tens of thousands of high voltages during operation, and the staff must pay special attention to personal safety during operation. Because there are still high voltage charges inside the equipment when the equipment stops running, it is easy to bring dangers, so the automatic discharge function is specially designed for this. Provided a safe and reliable guarantee for the staff.

The circuit board recycling equipment uses high-voltage electrostatic separation, which effectively controls the loss of non-ferrous metals and has a high sorting rate. This equipment is used for dismantling equipment for printed circuit board electronic waste, such as the sorting and separation of discarded TV sets, tape recorders, computer circuit boards, and electronic equipment waste. This equipment adopts secondary pulverization for the processing of waste circuit boards to make it into a mixture of metal and resin fibers; and then separates the metal from the resin by wind and electrostatic separation. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, a pulse dust removal device is added after air flow sorting, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution.

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