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Precautions for the use of four-side wet wipes machine

2021-02-20 By Suny Group

During the rapid development of the machinery industry, some mechanical failures will inevitably occur. Common faults and maintenance methods of four-side sealing wet tissue packaging machine:

1. If the speed of the four-side sealing wet tissue packaging machine is too fast, the inner layer of the coating will have poor heat sealability. If the temperature is too low, the seal will leak or become unstable. The maintenance method is to slow down, increase the temperature and replace the film material.

2. The solid-state circuit breaker of the four-side seal wet tissue packaging machine is burned out, the temperature control instrument is damaged, the thermocouple is damaged, and the thermometer cannot control the temperature. The maintenance method is to replace the coupling, temperature control instrument and heating element.

3. The color of the film color code is too light, the film drive is slipping, and the color code tracking is not turned on, and the cutting position will deviate from the color code. The maintenance method at this time is to refer to the packaging machine manual and adjust its sensitivity. In the man-machine dialogue interface, switch the tracking mode to "tracking switch".

4. The knife holder is too high or too low, and the packaging speed is too fast. When the push rod and the tool are not synchronized, the tool will cut on the product. The maintenance method is to reduce the packaging speed and adjust the height of the end sealing part so that the center of the sealing knife is in the middle of the product height.

5. When the temperature of the four-side sealing wet tissue packaging machine is too high, the speed is too slow, and the outer layer of the envelope has poor heat resistance, burn marks will appear at the seal. The maintenance method is to accelerate, cool down and replace the film material.

6. When the air pressure is wrong, the cylinder swing rod is loose, the heating temperature is low, the heat press roller and the driving roller are not parallel, and the heat seal is bad. The maintenance method is to adjust the parallelism, adjust the temperature and air pressure to make them parallel.

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