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Recycling waste pcbs by circuit board recycling plant

Circuit board recycling equipment has obvious separation effect for all kinds of circuit boards, PCBs, and copper clad laminates. The recycling of non-ferrous metal resources has great social benefits, and at the same time, non- metal resources can be reused, which benefits the country and the people.

E-waste is recognized in the world and the value of recycling is great, because there are more than a dozen metal elements in it, and there is no shortage of rare metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, etc. If these materials can be effectively recycled and recycled Utilization is undoubtedly a huge economic benefit difference than selecting metals from raw ore, and it will also get social support. Countries all over the world pay special attention to the reuse of this type of energy, so that metals can be recovered, but non-metals can be recycled.

At present, most of the domestic waste circuit boards are treated with primitive methods. For the rare or precious metal parts of the circuit boards, incineration or strong acid dissolution is used, that is, the remaining components are removed and the precious metals are left. This process will produce a lot of "three wastes". Because there are no environmental protection measures, it is quite harmful to the environment and workers, and these resources are not fully and effectively used. E-waste is a precious resource, and it is of great significance to strengthen the research and application of metal recycling technology for e-waste, both from an economic and environmental point of view. Due to the complex and diverse characteristics of e-waste, it is difficult to recover the metals in it with any technology alone. The future development trend of e-waste recycling technology should be: industrialization of processing forms, greater recycling of resources, and scientific processing technology.

To sum up, researching the recycling of waste PCBs, our company's circuit board recycling equipment can protect the environment, but also facilitate the recycling of resources, save a lot of energy, and promote the sustainable development of the economy and society.

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