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Introduce the copper wire machine from SUNY GROUP

The copper wire machine is often used to dispose of waste wires. The copper and plastic are recovered by crushing and then separating the copper and plastic. Because the copper is like wire grains, the manufacturer is called the copper wire machine. Moreover, because the copper wire machine can handle a wide range, such as square wire, motorcycle wire, communication wire, capillary wire, etc. or mixed miscellaneous wires can be easily processed, so it is also called miscellaneous wire copper wire machine, for customers who handle miscellaneous wires There are also many, they will choose this kind of dry environmental protection copper wire machine.

There are 400, 600, 800, 1000 types of copper wire machine. The larger the model, the more materials can be processed per hour, and the smaller the model, the smaller the processing capacity. Each customer can choose his own equipment model according to his own budget, venue, and raw materials.

Due to the large market demand for copper wire machines and many customers, there are more and more manufacturers producing copper wire machines. Fierce competition has created differences in quality and prices. This is a warning to the majority of people who want to invest in copper wire machines. Customers, you can’t buy a copper wire machine for cheap. It is very important for the manufacturer to buy a copper wire machine. For every copper wire machine equipment, SUNYGROUP takes it seriously. Good quality, good service, and good reputation are the foundation of enterprise development. After nearly ten years of development, SUNYGROUP has accumulated rich experience in the copper wire machine industry. If you want to invest in this industry, please contact us as soon as possible.

copper wire recycling machine

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