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Market prospects of circuit board recycling equipment

As electronic products such as smart phones are used more and more frequently, some of us cannot keep up with the update speed of electronic products, so a large number of outdated electronic products are discarded. Unfortunately, only 20% of e-waste is recycled and reused, which has caused damage to the environment. So circuit board recycling equipment came into being.

As a resource complex, the reuse and recycling of electronic waste is an important way to solve the problems of resource shortage and environmental pollution. With the goal of improving resource utilization, making full use of various waste resources, including e-waste, has become one of the important means to support the rapid economic and social development of our country. Recycling of non-ferrous resources has huge social benefits, while non-metal resources can also be reused to promote economic development.

With the advent of the low-carbon era, the theme of green environmental protection advocates the development of a circular economy, and a number of measures have been taken across the country to recycle waste resources. Circuit board recycling equipment is mainly used for metal and non-metallic materials in materials such as waste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, circuit boards, and leftovers. For metal separation, the production line uses a secondary crushing method to regenerate waste circuit boards to turn them into a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, and then separate the metal from the resin by wind and electrostatic separation technology. In order to prevent dust pollution in the processing process, after the end of the air flow sorting process, a pulse dust removal device is used to effectively solve the dust pollution problem.

circuit board recycling plant

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