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Working process of waste PCB recycling plant

The main function of the waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment is to solve the waste electronic products eliminated in the development process of the society, and the waste electronic waste is processed to obtain metal and other materials that can be reused. The large-scale waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment produced by SUNY GROUP adopts physical and mechanical processing methods. Among them, crushing, specific gravity sorting, and electrostatic separation technology are the core of the equipment. The equipment adds a dust removal device, which solves dust pollution and effectively improves the environmental protection performance of the equipment.

With the rapid development of environmental protection and resource integration, SUNYGROUP produces equipment with complete types and specifications. We can also customize equipment according to users' needs in terms of output, control, and design. The specifications and models of the equipment are different, and the price is also different. For specific prices and information, please contact the manufacturer.

The production process of waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment specifications:

1. Use disassembly equipment to separate the electronic components on the waste circuit board through a burn-in machine;

2. Put the waste circuit boards (circuit boards, copper clad laminates) into the crusher, after the crusher, analyze the materials and remove dust through the analyzer;

3. Use high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment to sort and separate metals and non-metals;

4. Filter materials such as plastics, fibers, etc. through winnowing, electrostatic separation, and dust removal equipment to sort out copper and non-metallic materials.

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