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How to recycle waste wires and cables to make high profits?

The disposal of waste wires and cables has always been a concern of national environmental protection. How to make full use of waste wires and cables without polluting the environment is the main goal. The emergence of the copper wire machine has solved this problem in time and well. The successful development of the copper wire machine has improved the quality and quantity of recycled copper, and at the same time avoided the environmental pollution caused by the incineration of copper. It is a professional waste wire ( Cable) separation and recovery equipment.

Due to the limited resources in our country, the copper grains separated from the recovered waste copper wires have extremely high economic value. At present, the equipment can process 500kg of cables per hour, and the metal copper particles to be processed after sorting maintain the original The quality and quantity of copper are generally about 40% copper per ton of scrap wires and cables, and the market price of copper is about 40,000 a ton. When the processing volume is 40%, the value is 12,000 yuan, while the market price of scrap wires and cables is generally 6,000. One ton, so overall, the profit is quite substantial.

The appearance of the copper wire machine is simple, and users can easily use it. This copper wire machine can help users sort different types of waste wires and cables to obtain high profits. Therefore, the copper wire machine has long become a popular equipment for users. In the selection of copper wire machine materials, it has achieved excellence. The copper wire grid and common wearing parts are made of good materials, which greatly improves the copper wire machine. Work efficiency and extend its service life. Provide customers with high-quality copper wire machine equipment, allowing customers to achieve a multiplier effect on the road to entrepreneurship.

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