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Electronic Waste and Its Various Types

E-waste has become one of the fastest increasing waste streams worldwide. Due to the electronics end of life, e-waste has gradually become significant source of precious metals. For instance, computers and televisions tend to be the electronics with the most gold in them, but camcorders, media players, game consoles, and cell phones also contain gold.

Its profitable to recycle gold from electronic devices because it makes your outdated electronics so valuable even after they have reached the end of their life cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to recycle PMs from end-of-life products, realizing the sustainable development of precious metals. Proses Makina Company establish turnkey facilities that enable the recycling of electronic waste and the recovery of metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and copper. With the right process, it is possible to recover precious metals with high efficiency.

Precious Metals in E-waste

Electronic wastes encountered in every field contain precious metals. Their recycling becomes more important due to their gold, silver, palladium, and copper contents. It is more profitable to recover these precious metals from waste rather than mine production and requires less labor and energy.

Of course, electronic waste in such different areas cannot be expected to be in the same amount in all types of precious metal content. Although it is not known precisely, the precious metal content varies according to each type it and even the brand of the product.

For example, television cards do not contain much precious metal content. It is unlikely to bring profit when recycled is desired. In addition, the best material in terms of precious metal content is ceramic CPUs. Motherboard, ram, and printed circuit boards come after.

In electronics industry, gold and silver are used as contacts, bonding wires, and switches, while palladium is used in computer hard disk drives. In 2015, global demand for gold, silver, and palladium in the field of electronics were 254 tons, 12.816 tons and 40.18 tons, respectively.

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