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Some features of copper cable recycling machine

The miscellaneous wire copper cable recycling machine on the market is divided into dry copper cable recycling machine and wet copper cable recycling machine according to the working mode. The crushing principle of the two equipment is the same. The only difference is that the copper-plastic separation steps are different after the waste wire is crushed, and the dust removal method is different. The dry copper cable recycling machine uses the different specific gravity of copper and plastics and uses an airflow sorter to blow up the light plastics to achieve the separation of copper cable recycling and plastics. The dust is collected in a pulse bag dust box. After the copper-plastic mixture comes out, the wet-type copper cable recycling machine has a water washing separation belt to remove dust. Some people say that the wet-type copper cable recycling machine has a higher copper output rate and cleaner sorting. Perhaps, different manufacturers have different equipment and process effects. However, users must consider whether the environmental protection inspection and environmental assessment procedures can be passed. No matter which industry, environmental protection is the first and the first place. Environmental protection is not enough, and the equipment cannot be put into production after it is bought back.

The dry-type hybrid wire copper cable recycling machine in our factory has the following characteristics:

1. Environmental protection: The closed structure design is adopted, and there are dust removal vents at the crushing position, sorting position and conveying position of the copper cable recycling machine to prevent dust emission, so as to achieve the requirements of green and environmentally friendly production and improve the quality of finished copper rice.

2. Efficiency: Integrating the functions of feeding, crushing, separating, conveying, etc., the task of copper rice production can be completed more quickly, and the production efficiency is very high.

3. Flexibility: The whole machine is welded on the platform and adopts a new movable design, which is convenient to enter the work site.

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