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Advantages of wet wipes packaging machine

Product advantages of wet wipes packaging machine: It adopts original servo motor control, which is smarter than other products controlled by similar frequency conversion motors or frequency converters at home and abroad, with higher packaging accuracy, wider adjustment range, and more precise control. The scrap rate is lower, the stability is better, and the noise is lower. Due to the world's leading fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and the maintenance is more convenient;

   Features of wet wipes packaging machine:

   1. Withdraw the punching die and the cover sheet bonding device. This technology has domestic originality.

   2. Heat-sealing and cutting hob speed adjustable device, one knife has multiple functions, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

   3. Adopt advanced PLC computer program control, photoelectric detection sensor to detect color mark, photoelectric mark, two-way compensation, make the mark fast and accurate.

   4. Each heating part adopts four sets of thermostats to automatically control the temperature, and the sealing quality is high.

   5. The air suction port is glued with self-adhesive, with good sealing performance and easy opening.

wet wipes machine

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