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The importance of circuit board recycling equipment

In the world, hundreds, even hundreds of millions of circuit boards are abandoned every day. If these circuit boards are not processed in time, they will cause huge pollution sources. The traditional recycle methods are not only inefficient, but also cause secondary pollution. With the stricter environmental protection control, the traditional methods of recycle circuit boards are no longer suitable for the current form. The waste circuit board recycle equipment has replaced the manual recycle method. The waste circuit board recycle equipment is fully automated, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also makes the waste circuit board recycle enter a new development track. At the same time, the waste circuit board recycle The equipment enables a large number of circuit boards to be quickly digested and turned into wealth.

Waste circuit board recycle equipment is not only easy to use, but its high conversion rate is its main feature. Waste circuit board recycle equipment, the process is one-time crushing-two-stage crushing-three-stage crushing-air flow sorting-electrostatic sorting. Through the above steps, the waste circuit boards are converted into metal and resin powder, and gold is reduced by gold extraction equipment. , Its conversion rate can reach more than 99%, and the whole process will not cause secondary pollution.

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