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Widespread application of circuit board recycling equipment

The widespread application of circuit board recycling equipment has reduced and gradually limited the pollution and reuse of circuit boards, circuit boards, and copper clad laminates. At the same time, it has also promoted the development of the environmental protection industry. SUNY GROUP has launched environmentally friendly circuit board recycling equipment and will gradually recover metal materials in waste circuit boards.

Circuit board recycling equipment is a set of procedures for disassembling, decomposing and separating scrapped circuit boards into metal and non-metal. Circuit boards with electronic components are stripped of tin and disassembled, and the components are removed without disassembly. The electronic components can also be crushed and separated directly. The circuit board completes the dissociation of metal and non-metal through coarse crushing, iron removal, and fine crushing, forming a mixture of metal and non-metal, and entering the airflow specific gravity screen to extract most of the metal. The circuit board fiber powder sieved out by the specific gravity of the air stream contains a small amount of fine metal, and then enters the electrostatic separator to extract the remaining fine metal to achieve a large metal recovery rate.

The recycling process of circuit board recycling equipment mainly includes two-stage crushing, electrostatic separation, metal recycling and non-metallic material recycling. Firstly, a combination of a rotary crusher and an impact rotary grinder is used for primary and secondary crushing, to the extent that metal-nonmetal is fully dissociated, and then a roller corona-electrostatic compound electric field high-voltage electric separator is used. Metal particles and non-metal particles are sorted on the scrapped circuit boards that have been broken.

SUNY GROUP circuit board recycling equipment is advanced and mature waste circuit board recycling comprehensive utilization production technology, raw materials are crushed, finely crushed, fed, sorted and other processes are processed. The technology used is in the leading position in the same industry at home and abroad Level, the technical route is feasible.

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