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Working process of small copper wire granulator machine

Small copper wire granulator machine is a kind of waste recycling equipment used for smashing waste wires, circuit wires, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires and earphone wires. As the core of the waste wire recycling plant equipment, purchasing a suitable small copper wire granulator machine is the first issue that every waste wire recycling enterprise must consider. The quality standard of the small copper wire granulator machine is related to the performance, production capacity, finished product quality and service life of the small copper wire granulator machine.

The small copper wire granulator machine equipment is designed according to all kinds of wire and cable, whether it is waste wire or ultra-fine wire, it can separate metal and plastic. The equipment is crushed into small particles by crushing wires and cables. At this time, metal and non-metal are separated into small particles mixed with metal and non-metal. Through the principle of the difference in specific gravity between the wire sheath and the copper wire of the specific gravity sorting equipment, the copper and the wire sheath of the wire and cable are completely separated.

Technical process of small copper wire granulator machine: After the waste wires and cables are crushed, they become plastic broken pieces and copper rice, which make them advance on the screen surface waveform. Through the dual functions of airflow push suction and linear excitation of the screen box, the mixture of copper rice, plastic, copper and plastic is sent out from different discharge ports, and the dust reaches the vacuum cleaner through the air duct, so as to realize the separation and purification of waste wires and cables. The copper wire granulator machine can smash waste wires and cables, separate air flow, specific gravity, and separate copper and plastic after dust collection, so as to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization, and has high economic benefits. And no dust, no secondary pollution. In addition, the equipment is an integral combined structure, which is easy to install, debug and transport, and has stable performance.

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