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Introduce the advantages of copper wire shredder

The copper wire shredder is a kind of equipment that can peel and cut the waste wire into fine particles according to the design requirements. The copper wire shredder is the basic principle of using the motor to drive the cutter head rotor. This technology is driven by a high-speed, high-torque motor, which can be rotated and efficiently cut and crushed in the crushing chamber, separates the wire sheath from the copper wire, and forms a mixture of the wire sheath particles and the copper wire. The copper wire shredder also needs to be kept dry during long-term production.

The advantages of copper wire shredder:

1. Equipped with a bag dust removal device, the dust removal effect is ideal, the filtration performance is qualified, the effective dust removal effect is more than 99.9%, the dust emission is visible to the naked eye, and the dust emission is almost invisible;

2. Reduce energy consumption, one person operation can be easily completed, saving energy;

3. Increase the output: dry crushing and dry separation, optimize the crushing cavity, increase the cavity volume, further improve the crushing effect, the output can reach 1.3 times that of the old copper rice machine, and reduce the noise;

4. Improve product quality: The small miscellaneous wire copper rice machine has a longer equipment life due to reasonable material selection, sophisticated production technology, continuous improvement of technology.

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