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Advantages of SUNY GROUP Li-ion battery recycling plant

Li-ion battery recycling is an emerging field of development, and its overall goal is to build an ecologically benign, efficient and cost-effective recycling system for the arrival of the wave of waste lithium iron phosphate batteries to achieve sustainable and green development of the industry . With a large number of lithium iron phosphate power batteries being scrapped and entering the recycling stage, the battery recycling market has shown an explosive growth. In order to avoid secondary pollution to the environment during the recycling process, we need to adopt a more green and environmentally friendly recycling method.

SUNYGROUP's complete solution of lithium battery recycling and dismantling equipment has the following advantages:

1. Adopt PLC control system, humanized design, easy operation and maintenance;

2. Adopt dry mechanical separation method without adding chemical reagents to reduce environmental pollution;

3. The separation is clean, realizing the automatic separation and recycling of the positive electrode, negative electrode and separator paper in the lithium iron phosphate battery;

4. Advanced technology, mature technology, reliable equipment, low investment, low consumption and high return.

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