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Attention terms of copper wire recycling machine

When there are more and more used cables and miscellaneous wires in the market, copper wire recycling machines have played its role. Next, I will introduce to you what the copper wire recycling plant needs to pay attention to in the operation process:

Matters needing attention in copper wire recycling machine production:

1. The copper wire recycling machine should be classified and broken during production. Copper and aluminum wires must not be mixed together.

2. The diameter of the broken material in each batch should be the same size. Mixing thick and thin lines will affect the sorting effect.

3. Copper wire recycling equipment is only used to crush copper wire and aluminum wire, and shall not be used to crush other materials.

4. After the power is turned on, open the machine first, and pay attention to observe whether the rotation of the motor is the same as that of the sign. If it is different, the power should be cut off in time to adjust the wiring sequence.

5. The equipment should be idled for 20-30 minutes before starting. Pay attention to observe the operating conditions of each machine. Investigate whether the belt of the feeding conveyor is out of alignment.

Only by the operator's standardized operation can wear be reduced during use, which is more conducive to the production of copper wire recycling machines and increases the service life of copper wire recycling machines.

copper wire recycling machine

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