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What is the use of copper and plastic separated from waste cable wires?

Users should know that the copper wire granulator is a waste wire and cable processing equipment, mainly for the separation of metal and plastic from waste wire and cable. It is a non-polluting treatment of waste wire and cable through environmental protection, completely abandoning the old separation method. A complete copper wire granulating system includes first-stage pulverization, vibration sorting, dust removal, secondary pulverization (for materials that do not reach pulverized particles), bucket hoist, and high-voltage electrostatic sorting. After that, the copper metal and plastic will be completely separated. Then, some people may ask: What is the use value of separated copper and plastic particles?

1. The metal processed by the copper wire granulator is copper particles. The copper particles can be used as raw materials instead of electrolytic copper to manufacture metallurgical products, copper foil and copper clad laminates.

2. The plastic particles separated by the copper wire granulator can be used to make recycled plastic pellets by extrusion, make soles, plastic shoes, etc. Or further process for the cable production. Now, pvc is also used as artificial leather and high-tech products such as mouse and keyboards. It seems that plastics separated from used wires and cables are also very useful.

Common cable wires are copper core wire and aluminum wire. At present, the source of waste wire and cable is various, such as car wires, communication cables, household wires, telephone wires. In general, a dry copper wire granulator is able to recycle such types of wires and separate the copper and plastic. The configuration is very simple, and the copper wire recycling process is very easy. You only need to put the waste wires into the copper wire crusher machine, the copper wire granulator is able to automatically complete the separation of the waste electric cables, and the separation purity of copper is as high as 99.9%.

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