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How are countries currently handling e-waste?

Although the relevant data is very rough, many countries have already taken action to deal with e-waste. Leriva said that the European Union, which implements the most stringent regulations in the world, hopes that 65% of e-waste will be properly recycled and disposed of by next year, but in reality, the current recycling rate is only 35%, and the remaining 10% of e-waste enters households Trash; 40% were collected by scavengers and unregistered waste recycling stations; 10% were shipped abroad as second-hand equipment that was still available; 5% were illegally exported.

In order to improve the recycling rate of electronic products, Germany began to implement the new Electronic and Electrical Equipment Law in October 2015. It is reported that more than 1,500 public e-waste recycling centers have been set up in Germany. According to the Electronic and Electrical Equipment Act, by 2019, Germany's e-waste recycling rate should reach at least 65%.

The Australian Government's National Television and Computer Recycling Program aims to increase television and computer recycling rates from 17% to 80% around 2022. The United States has no federal law requiring e-waste recycling, but 25 states have passed such legislation. The UNU report states that 22% of e-waste in the United States is disposed of, "but much of the remaining e-waste is missing."

E-waste recycling equipment is currently a relatively mature equipment for recycling e-waste in China. This equipment uses dry physical and mechanical processes to effectively separate e-waste from metallic and non-metallic materials, and metal materials can be used directly as raw materials. There is no secondary pollution in the process of garbage production, and it is an ideal environmental protection equipment for domestic disposal of electronic waste.

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