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Back Sealing Single Wet Wipes Production Line

Back Sealing Single Wet Wipes Production Line

1 Pcs/Bag, Back Sealing, Fully Automatic

Full automatic back sealing wet wipes packing machine is specially designed for wet tissue packing. Adopt vertically folding, feeding film underneath, it runs fast and stably.

Applicable Paper:

Spunlace non-woven fabric

Applicable Packaging Materials:

Aluminized film, aluminum foil film


Full automatic back sealing wet wipes production line can automatically complete: folding wet tissue,cutting, spraying medicine liquid, slitting, bag forming, sealing,counting, printing batch number, finished product output ect. And it can avoidthe secondary pollution during packing of wet wipes.

  • Folded PartFolded Part
  • Package PartPackage Part
  • Final ProductsFinal Products

Final Product:

The Back sealing wet wipes machine is suitable for the production various kind of back sealing wet wipes/tissue, personal hygiene wipes, alcohol swabs/pads, etc.

  • Hand wipes
  • Wet wipes for restaurants
  • Personal care wet wipes
  • Screen protector wipes
Technical Parameters:
Model SY-250
Support Language Chinese, English, French (can be customized)
Speed 120-200 packs/min (Depends on folding size, folding method and packaging film)
Total Power AC220V 50HZ/60HZ 2.5KW (Can be customized)
Folding Method Pair fold
Gas Source No need for air compressor
Weight 700 Kg
Dimension 2100*1500*1600mm
Material of Wet Wipes
Material Spunlace non-woven fabric
Parent Roll Specification Maximum diameter: 1150mm, Width: (80-280) mm
Axis Number Setting Single axis operation
Shaft Diameter Diameter 76.2 mm
Wet Wipes Unfolded Size Length (80-280)*Width (80-280) mm
Wet Wipes Folded Size Length (30-140)*Width (40-90) mm
Packing Material
Packing Material Aluminized film, aluminum foil film
Material Thickness 0.06 mm
Axis Number Setting Single-axis operation, active film release
Shaft Diameter Diameter 70-75 mm
Packaging Material Specification Diameter 350mm, width: (80-260) mm
Package Dimensions (50-170)*(50-100) mm
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