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Removable Wet Wipes Making Machine

Removable Wet Wipes Making Machine

30-120 Pcs/Bag, Fully Automatic, With Sticker Adhesive Machine

The wipes production line is used to manufacture disposable wet wipes for household cleaning, and multiple models of products can be selected.

Applicable Paper:

Spunlace non-woven fabric

Applicable Packaging Materials:

Aluminized film, aluminum foil film, PE/PP, PO/PPE


Final Product:

Removable wet wipes production line is used to produce disposable household cleaning wet wipes or baby wipes, such as baby hand wipes, toilet wipes, etc.

Folded Size: L(100-180mm), W(90-110mm);

Expanded Size: L(100-180mm), W(90-210mm);

Packing Size: L(150-230mm)*W(100-120mm)*H(20-80mm);

  • 30pcs/bag Hand wipes
  • 50pcs/bag Wet Wipes
  • 80pcs/bag Wet Wipes
  • 120pcs/bag Wet Wipes

Product Model:

The removable wipes production line is used to manufacture disposable wet wipes for household cleaning or baby wipes. We have four models for you to choose from SYF6, SYF12, SYF16, SYF20.

  • SYF6 Wet Wipes Making Machine
    SYF6 Wet Wipes Machine
  • SYF12 Wet Wipes Making Machine
    SYF12 Wet Wipes Machine
  • SYF16 Wet Wipes Making Machine
    SYF16 Wet Wipes Machine
  • SYF20 Wet Wipes Making Machine
    SYF20 Wet Wipes Machine

Working Process:

Unrolling raw material → folding → wetting → cutting in size → pile and counting wipe → transfer wipe to packing → output finished products. All the processes are finished on the machine. Production speed is high and sanitary.

  • Feeding part (jumbo roll)
  • Feeding part (twin rolls)
  • Folding Part
  • Wetting Part
  • Cutting Part
  • Pile and Counting wipe
  • Packing Part
  • Sticker Adhesive Machine
Machine Features:

1). Advanced technology and unique design;

Intelligent setting of LCD touch screen, automatic connection of base paper and roll film, automatic conversion of labels. The visual inspection system can also detect missing labels, missing codes and printing.

2). The operation is reliable, simple, convenient and flexible;

End of roll detection, automatic connection when there is no cloth, after the current two rolls of raw materials are used up, the spare two rolls will be automatically connected.

3). Select the highest-end unique production materials;

For 10-axis raw materials, each axis independently controls the tension and drives independently, fully ensuring that the tension of 10 cloths is balanced and consistent. With the steering rod, the direction of the cloth can be made more precise. The joint detects the thickness to avoid signal errors.

Technical Parameters:
Model SYF-6 SYF-12 SYF-16 SYF-20
Support Language Chinese, English, French (can be customized)
Speed 2520 tablets/min or 420 cut/min 4200-5040 tablets/min or 420 cut/min 6400 tablets/min or 400 cut/min 8000 tablets/min or 400 cut/min
Total Power AC380V 50/60HZ 18KW AC380V 50/60HZ 28KW AC380V 50/60HZ 40KW AC380V 50/60HZ 41KW
Folding Method N type single pumping, C type single pumping
Gas Source 0.6MPA-0.8MPA Air consumption: 0.15m³/min 0.6MPA-0.8MPA Air consumption: 0.2m³/min 0.6MPA-0.8MPA Air consumption: 0.3m³/min
Weight 5000Kg 7500Kg 15000Kg 17000Kg
Dimension 9500*2665*2230mm 17500*2665*2230mm 23900*3580*2060mm 26100*3580*2060mm
Material of Wet Wipes
Material Spunlace non-woven fabric
Parent Roll Specification Maximum diameter: 1100mm, Width: (200-1200) mm Maximum diameter: 1100mm, Width: (90-210) mm
Axis Number Setting Single axis operation Simultaneous operation of two axes 8 axis operation, 8 axis spare 10 axis operation, 10 axis spare
Shaft Diameter Diameter 76.2 mm
Wet Wipes Unfolded Size L(100-180)*W(90-200)mm L(100-180)*W(90-210)mm
Wet Wipes Folded Size L(100-180)*W(90-110)mm
Packing Material
Packing Material Aluminized film, aluminum foil film, PE/PP, PO/PPE
Material Thickness 0.07-0.09 mm
Axis Number Setting Single axis operation
Shaft Diameter Diameter 70-75 mm
Packaging Material Specification Diameter 350mm, maxwidth: 350 mm
Package Dimensions L(150-230)*W(100-120)*H(20-80)mm L(150-230)*W(100-120)*H(30-80)mm
Applicable Stickers Transparent stickers and opaque stickers
Axis Number Setting Single axis operation Two-axis operation
Sticker Size Standard 35-50mm(Can be customized)
Hole Size Standard 20-40mm(Can be customized)
Sticker Thickness 0.6mm-0.08mm
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