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How to choose the suitable copper wire recycling plant

Before preparing to buy a copper wire recycling machine, investors can ask previous customers or friends who have already purchased the machine to see how they evaluate the company, whether the mechanical performance, after-sales service, etc. meet standard. You can also search for relevant information online to further deepen your understanding. The market reputation is a true manifestation of the reputation, service and quality of copper wire recycling machine manufacturers. Look at the manufacturer’s ordering cases. The copper wire recycling machine equipment case illustrates the company’s project experience. Communicate more with the manufacturer about the customer’s cases that have been purchased, and what problems other customers encounter during or after the purchase. The quality of the production process and accessories of different copper wire recycling machines and the difference in installation technology experience will directly affect the cost, safety performance, sorting effect and quality, service life and maintenance cost. Therefore, you can learn more thoroughly by visiting directly, seeing it with your own eyes, and experiencing it yourself.

When choosing a copper wire recycling machine, pay too much attention to the price of the copper wire recycling machine. Some manufacturers or second-tier dealers have grasped this point. Some of them are trying to facilitate transactions and win customers. The quotation is very low. The introduction to customers is also vague and ambiguous. The tricky needs customers to figure out for themselves, so customers must keep their eyes open when purchasing copper wire recycling machine equipment. What is the price of a set of copper wire recycling machine? It has a direct relationship with the model, configuration, and output. The quality of the equipment and the price determine the quality of the output and the economic benefits generated. Therefore, when choosing a copper wire recycling machine, look at the price on one hand, and more importantly, whether the performance is stable, efficient, and whether the after-sales service is guaranteed. A copper wire recycling machine that can operate normally, including a crusher, air separator, magnetic separator, dust collector, conveyor, and vibrating screen. In addition, customers may also purchase some auxiliary equipment.

Suny Group can provide a comprehensive optimization plan for the treatment of various waste wires and cables, and can also get a good sorting effect on the main line and the wires with low copper content. Our equipment is suitable for processing various wires, such as automotive wires, communication cables, etc., and can be customized according to customer requirements.

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