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Choose the good four side seal single piece wet wipes machine

The single piece wet wipes machine is a combination of bagging machine and filling machine. The single-chip wet wipes machine is mainly composed of automatic encoder, PLC programming system, bag opening system configuration, vibration system configuration and dust removal device, water solenoid valve, thermometer and vacuum generator, or imported vacuum machine, pump, inverter, export system, etc. Standard component composition.

The main optional system configurations of the single-chip wet wipes machine are raw material measurement inspection filling machine, operating platform, net weight sorting scale, material hoist, feeder, product conveying hoist and metal detector. The new horizontal filling machine is light and convenient in design and can automatically pump materials. For thick paste, it can be filled with a funnel. The wet wipes machine also has manual and automatic switching functions: when the machine is in the "automatic" state, the machine will automatically perform continuous filling at the set speed. Anti-drip irrigation system: When filling, the cylinder will move up and down to drive the partition.

At present, the main means to realize the packaging of wet wipes is to use a single-chip wet wipes machine. With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, we must continue to progress and innovate in all aspects of our work, especially in product packaging. So how to choose a towel machine?

1. The selection of the single-chip wet wipes machine can be determined according to the allowable output, packaging weight, packaging speed and packaging size. The analysis of product length and its composition determines how many packages the packaging design speed can reach per minute. The wet wipes machine outputs finished products through a series of operations such as folding, forming, bagging, adding liquid, and sealing with non-woven fabrics.

2. When purchasing a single-chip wet wipe machine, users should not only pay attention to the price. If you only care about the price, then you may be deceived. Some wet wipes machines are very cheap, because the components of the wet wipes machine and the internal principle of the packaging machine are different, so the service life is also different.

3. When purchasing a single-chip wet wipes machine, try to choose a manufacturing company with R&D production capacity and ensure after-sales service. If the wet wipe machine is used for a long time, especially in the case of continuous operation and overload, some electrical and mechanical failures are prone to occur, such as improper sealing, machine shutdown and detachment, and the fuse will blow when starting. During the operation, the noise is loud, the temperature is uncontrollable, the finished packaging bag is deformed and bent at the sealing part, and there are bubbles or irregular marks in the stamping part of the sealing knife. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance on the wet wipe machine to extend its service life.

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