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Advantages of copper wire recycling plant

The copper wire machine produced by SUNYGROUP is a dry-type integrated copper wire machine for miscellaneous wires, which can separate all kinds of miscellaneous wires, including miscellaneous wires and cables that are not suitable for processing by the wire stripping machine. After the wires are shredded, they can be separated by specific gravity separation. The recovery rate of copper and plastics can reach more than 99%, which can achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization and has high economic value.

Copper wire machine is a good equipment for processing waste wires and cables. The main working principle of the copper wire machine equipment is that after the wires and cables are crushed, the metal and plastic rubber skins are separated by air flow and specific gravity to directly obtain metal copper rice, and dust is generated in the process and enters the dust removal device. The copper wire machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, low noise, dust crushing and separation integration, and the entire physical separation has no pollution.

The separation purity of this sorting equipment can reach 99%, and it can be directly used for electrolytic copper. The equipment can effectively solve the environmental pollution problem caused by incineration, and can improve the quality of recycled copper, and can also recycle plastics to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization. The scope of application of the copper metering machine is not limited to the passing feeders and communication cables used in the communication industry. It can also separate various copper-plastic wires, waste wires, sheathed wires and other materials from copper and plastic.

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