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Advantages of single piece four side seal wet wipes machine

The wet wipe machine is a combination of a bag-type packaging machine and a filling machine. The bag wet wipe machine is mainly composed of an automatic encoder, a PLC programming system, a bag opening guide system configuration, a vibration system configuration and a dust removal device, a water solenoid valve, a thermometer, a vacuum generator or an imported vacuum machine. The pump, frequency converter, export system and Other standard components.

The main optional system configuration of the wet wipe machine is a raw material measuring and checking filling machine, an operating platform, a net weight sorting scale, a material elevator, a feeder, a product conveying elevator and a metal detector. The new horizontal design of the filling machine is light and convenient, and it can pump materials automatically. For thicker pastes, you can use a hopper to fill. The wet wipe machine also has the function of switching between manual and automatic: when the machine is in the "automatic" state, the machine will automatically carry out continuous filling at the set speed. Anti-drip irrigation system: During the filling process, the cylinder will move up and down to drive the partition. Advantages of wet wipe machine:

1. The product packaging speed is fast, the performance parameters are reliable, and the qualification rate is high;

2. The metering scale adopts waterproof material, the operating system is relatively simple to fold, and the maintenance is convenient and quick.

3. The wet wipe machine chooses a color sensor electronic screen, which is relatively simple and quick to operate.

4. The fully automatic packaging machine adopts pre-made bags, with exquisite packaging and high sealing quality, which effectively improves the product quality;

5. High-end facilities and equipment, high-tech, easy to manage, and at the same time improve the company's image;

6. Under the appropriate budget, technological innovation has solved various commodity packaging problems;

7. The wet wipe machine has the basic function of automatic identification. If the packaging bag is not opened or the packaging bag is incomplete, there is no material discharge, and there is no heat sealing, the packaging bag can be fully utilized again without consuming raw materials, saving customers the processing cost;

8. The wet wipe machine also has an alarm system: when the working standard pressure is abnormal or the heating tube fails, an alarm message will be issued;

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