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How to adjust the small cooper wire recycling plant

Copper wire recycling machine is a mechanical equipment for processing waste wires and cables. The emergence of small copper wire recycling machines has many benefits to the waste wire recycling industry, especially in terms of resource recycling. It meets the needs of recycling economy and energy saving, and can provide more effective resource services for the operation of copper processing and the plastics industry. In addition, the small copper wire recycling machine has a wide range of uses, and can be used for the recycling and separation of waste wires, waste household lighting lines, waste household appliances disassembly lines, car batteries and automobile disassembly lines, and household wires. How to use the small copper wire recycling machine processing copper wire recycling process to debug? Small copper wire recycling machine choosing copper and plastic requires an air separator, and the vibration frequency and fan frequency of the air specific gravity separator need to be adjusted, so how to adjust it specifically? Wind and vibration should cooperate with each other.

1. In the actual processing process, due to different materials, the sizes of the cut copper pellets and plastic pellets are also different. In order to achieve the ideal separation effect, we need to adjust the wind and vibration forces according to the material. For example, if the output of the copper wire recycling machine is slow, the vibration frequency and wind force can be accelerated. But it should be noted that if the snow frequency increases, the time of the material in the air sorter may be too short, and some plastic particles will come out of the copper end.

2. In the air sorting of the small copper wire recycling machine, the material conveyed from the crusher is blown out of light weight plastic particles under the action of the wind, and moves to the rear end of the air sorting machine under the action of vibration. The heavy copper particles cannot be blown away by the wind, so they move to the front section of the air separator under the action of vibration.

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