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Lower energy saving copper wire recycling plant

The copper cable recycling machine is a waste cable recycling equipment with novel design, reasonable layout, convenient operation, stable operation, high production efficiency and reliability.

Advantages of copper cable recycling machine:

1. It can effectively crush, separate, remove dust and purify waste cables.

2. It can process all kinds of miscellaneous wires, cable wires, communication wires, data wires, and even earphone wires with a diameter of about 20mm, which has very little restriction on the processing materials.

3. Convenient processing, can directly crush the unprocessed cable, without using large-scale crushing equipment to crush and then process.

4. The copper cable recycling machine has high production capacity, high work efficiency, but relatively low energy consumption. It is an energy-saving and available resource recovery equipment.

5. While the processing efficiency is higher, the separation purity of the copper cable recycling machine equipment has not been reduced, but has been improved to a certain extent, which can better separate the copper rice and plastic.

As a kind of waste wire and cable processing and recycling equipment, the copper cable recycling machine is welcomed by many users, but in the processing and production, many factors will affect the work efficiency of the copper cable recycling machine.

The reasonable and effective recycling of waste copper wires has become a more popular processing industry today. The appearance of the copper cable recycling machine has changed the previous processing technology and also increased the processing capacity. At present, the waste wire and cable copper metering machine plays an important role in the recycling and utilization of waste wire, and it is also a widely used environmental protection resource recycling equipment on the market.

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