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Classification and market prospects of wet wipes

Wet wipes can be divided into two categories for household use and industrial use according to application fields. In China, the category and consumption of industrial wet wipes are very small, and they are limited to catering services and other uses. Household wet wipes are divided into personal care and household cleaning according to their purpose. At present, the most widely used wet wipes for personal care. In 2010, baby wipes accounted for 35%, ordinary wipes 57%, women's wet wipes accounted for 5%, and other personal care wipes (such as makeup remover wipes, etc.) accounted for 3%. These data show that the current Chinese market is still dominated by baby wipes and ordinary wipes that are essential for basic hygiene. However, in terms of the growth rate of each category, functional wet wipes for women are growing faster, and the number of skin care wet wipes in supermarkets is also increasing.

The materials used in wet wipes are mainly non-woven substrates, water and additives. As a sanitary product, in the production process of the product, it is necessary to strictly manage and control the contact surface of air, water, materials, equipment, and operators to ensure product sanitation and safety. The quality of water is a key factor affecting product quality. Some modern large-scale production companies purify water in accordance with the provisions of the United States Pharmacopoeia, and clean the water pipe regularly to ensure the quality of pure water. Wet wipes are in direct contact with the human body, and factories must strictly control various wet wipes additives. Fully enclosed management and equipment automation of the workshop are also important links to ensure product safety.

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