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Introduce the features of circuit board recycling equipment

Waste circuit boards are mainly composed of organic reinforced resin, glass fiber, copper foil and electronic components, which contain a large amount of valuable metals (such as copper, iron, aluminum, tin, etc.), and circuit board recycling equipment is effectively implemented The harmless recycling of discarded circuit boards can realize their recycling, which can reduce environmental pressure and prevent environmental pollution, and improve the reuse rate of secondary resources. What are the technical effects and advantages of circuit board recycling equipment:

1. The circuit board recycling equipment solves the technical problem of low recycling efficiency in the existing circuit board recycling, and realizes the reasonable design of the equipment, automatically completes the recycling of the circuit board, the recycling efficiency is high, and the recycling effect is better. Technical effect.

2. Equipment advantages, low noise, no water, no dust pollution, power saving, manpower saving, no waste, 99% metal and non-metal fully recycled.

3. Circuit board recycling equipment adopts crushing and pulverization, so that waste circuit boards become a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, and then through a high-voltage electrostatic separator to separate metal and resin and other non-metal processes. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, the equipment adopts a three-in-one dust removal device. The dust removal device has three levels of dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier dust removal, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution, and all indicators are up to standard.

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