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Introduce the processing technology of circuit board recycling equipment

The method of circuit board recycling and reuse is physically broken, and environmental pollution is small. After the physical and mechanical treatment of the circuit board recycling equipment, including the crushing and sorting process. The discarded circuit boards are first broken by the coarse crusher and then enter the fine crusher for crushing, and then the ferromagnetic materials are separated by the magnetic separator, and then the separation accuracy is achieved by electrostatic separation. The electrostatic separation is truly green and environmentally friendly, and will not cause any Secondary pollution.

The advantages of the circuit board crushing and disposal production line:

(1) Integral frame, forged with wear-resistant plate, can resist high torque

(2) Design an overload protection system to protect the blade and cutter shaft

(3) GEP professional intelligent dust reduction system, energy saving and environmental protection

(4) Imported reducer and bearings, high transmission efficiency, large output torque

(5) Design of damping device, stable operation and low noise

(6) Intelligent terminal control, high degree of automation and easy operation

The circuit board recycling equipment is advanced in technology to ensure safety and environmental protection in the operation process. It uses physical separation of waste recycling technology and harmless treatment technology. After the project is put into production, it can treat circuit boards, copper clad laminates, frame materials, etc. annually. The automatic disassembly and separation of electronic waste is achieved through intelligent processes such as crushing, separation, sorting, and dust removal, which not only achieves effective crushing, but also greatly improves the efficiency of subsequent resource reuse operations. It has become a widely acclaimed electronic waste crushing solution on the market plan.

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