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Notable innovations of SUNY GROUP circuit board recycling plant

The advanced physical recycling process of new circuit board recycling equipment. The whole process adopts multi-layer combined crushing and dissociation and ultra-fine classification technology. The crushing and dissociation effect is ideal and the classification efficiency is high; high-voltage electrostatic separation technology is adopted. , The separation accuracy is high, and the metal recovery rate of 98% is guaranteed. The complete set of dry circuit board recycling equipment has three notable innovations:

1. Circuit board recycling equipment uses physical methods such as crushing, screening, gravity separation, magnetic separation, or electrostatic separation. The crushing and dissociation of waste circuit boards and metal enrichment are necessary in all recycling processes. The prerequisite steps are more flexible and effective than other methods.

2. New circuit board recycling equipment for recycling waste circuit boards. SUNY GROUP has made independent innovations on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, making it a reality to turn electronic waste into renewable resources.

3. The new circuit board recycling equipment organically combines the special crushing and dissociation equipment for various waste circuit boards, which achieves greater energy-saving effects in the production process, and achieves a high metal separation rate. It can be widely used in the crushing treatment of all kinds of waste printed circuit boards, PCB processing waste, and waste electrical appliances. At present, the product has been successfully applied to the crushing of waste circuit boards in many units, and the user's response is ideal, which solves the phenomenon of environmental pollution and resource waste.

Waste circuit boards are composites of glass fiber reinforced resin and various metals, which are typical electronic waste. In fact, waste circuit boards have a high recycling value. The copper extracted from the new circuit board recycling equipment can be sent to metal smelters as raw materials; other non-metallic powders such as glass fiber and resin can also be used as fiber reinforced materials or fillers; the waste residue can also be used as raw materials for building materials.

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