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Specific application of circuit board recycling equipment

With the widespread application of electronic and electrical products in recent years, the amount of electronic waste has also increased day by day. In addition, the replacement of electronic and electrical products is faster, and more complete electronic products will be produced every short time. Electrical products, people will discard a lot of electronic waste. The environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment can mechanically crush and recycle all kinds of waste circuit boards, computer boards, TV boards, aluminum-plastic panels, attached copper boards, printed circuit boards, processing waste, and waste electrical appliances. What are the commonly used equipment in the mechanical processing technology of circuit board recycling equipment?

1. Belt conveyor, 2. First-level shredder 3. Second-level crusher, third-level crusher 4. Z-type gravity analyzer 5. Hoist 6. Gravity sorting machine 7. Vibration screening machine 8. Feeding high-pressure fan 9. Pulse dust collector 1. PLC control system 11. Magnetic separator 12. High-voltage electric separator 13. Electrostatic separator platform 14. Screw conveyor

The mechanical treatment process of the circuit board recycling equipment: the circuit board is sent to the shredding and crushing machine by the conveyor to shred the circuit board, and then directly fall into the crushed particles of the crusher, and then sent to the third stage by the feeding screw The pulverizer is an integrated water-cooled pulverization, which is carried out under the condition of ensuring the normal temperature of the machine, and the mesh number reaches 30-80 mesh. The pulverizer is equipped with a grading and screening machine to achieve the required mesh number during the crushing process. The board powder enters the next link, and the cycle fails to meet the requirements again. The 30-80 mesh circuit board powder enters the next link of the wind specific gravity separator, and the primary separation is carried out according to the specific gravity of the copper powder and the resin fiber powder, and about 98% of the metal powder can be separated. The powder separated by the specific gravity separator and the upper draft The pumped powder enters the pulse dust collector, and the powder discharged from the pulse dust collector contains a small amount of copper powder, and then it is sent to the high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment by the wind feeder for the next step of separation.

The disposal of waste printed circuit boards in electronic waste has always been a very complex issue. According to the combination of various components in waste circuit boards, circuit board recycling equipment uses mechanical methods to separate materials, which is economical and suitable. Treatment methods coordinated with the environment.

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