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Method for separating metal and plastic from waste circuit board recycling equipment

Printed circuit boards are an important part of electronic and electrical products. With the continuous upgrading of electronic products, at least hundreds of thousands of tons of waste printed circuit boards are produced every year. The waste circuit boards are mainly composed of organic reinforced resin and glass fiber. , Copper foil and electronic components, which contain a large amount of valuable metals (such as copper, iron, aluminum, tin, etc.), with high resource recovery value. The 2020 environmentally friendly new circuit board recycling equipment effectively realizes the harmless recycling of waste circuit boards and realizes their re-resources, which can reduce environmental pressure and prevent environmental pollution, improve the reuse rate of secondary resources, and ensure my country's economy, society and environment sustainable development has very important significance.

Rational sorting production process of waste circuit board recycling equipment: raw materials are shredded, coarsely broken, crushed, air sorting, vibration separation sorting, environmental protection treatment and other processes, and they can be recycled into copper-based metal mixtures. The dust and waste gas formed during the processing are collected in an orderly manner and uniformly subjected to dust removal and waste gas purification treatment, and discharged to the air after reaching the environmental protection standard. The recycling process of mechanical crushing and electrostatic separation of waste electronic circuit boards includes crushing waste electronic circuit boards, removing iron, and further smashing, and then finely pulverizing them. Part of the non-metallic materials are first separated by an ultramicro classifier and then sent into The high-voltage electrostatic separator separates the metal from the non-metal and becomes the finished product for recycling.

With the renewal of the information age, circuit boards, capacitors, etc. in various smart appliances have been gradually replaced, but these discarded electronic components are recycled by specialized personnel, of course because they still have Of certain surplus value, the important value is that the metal waste electronic components contained in the electronic waste are not garbage, but effective resources. The electronic component waste shredding treatment equipment can separate the circuit board and the components more conveniently, and then the circuit board is shredded, which can realize the purpose of recycling some components.

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