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Features of dry copper wire recycling machine

Dry copper wire recycling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for smashing waste wire. It separates the copper metal and outer skin plastic layer of waste wire. Because the separated copper is the same size as rice grains, it is called copper rice machine. Dry copper wire recycling machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment. In recent years, more and more manufacturers produce this kind of machine.

Dry copper wire recycling machine is suitable for factory waste wire ends, miscellaneous wires, aluminum wires, motor wires, flower wires, power wires, square wires, sheathed copper wires, air-conditioning wires, single-strand hard wires, lighting wires, Socket wire, network wire, telephone wire, cable wire, all kinds of electrical wire, aluminum-plastic wire, capillary wire, etc.

Features of dry copper wire recycling machine:

1. The dust removal device of our dry copper wire recycling machine is divided into three steps to solve the problem of dust pollution and discharge, and also sucks away the dust and other impurities on the waste wire.

2. The dry copper wire recyclingmachine adopts the physical crushing and sorting method to separate the metal from the plastic.

3. The structure of multi-machine combination is equipped with an automatic conveying device, which can automatically feed and crush, and complete the separate recycling of metal and plastic.

4. The broken copper of the dry-type copper wire recycling machine will not oxidize or turn black, the copper quality will remain unchanged, and the waste plastic skin can also be recycled. Copper and plastic can be sold separately, which can generate greater economic benefits. benefit.

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