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Maintenance Tips for Copper Wire Crusher

The copper wire crusher can well realize the separation of copper and plastic of wires and cables, so it is favored by the majority of entrepreneurial investors. When using the copper wire crusher, there may be some failures, but as long as the method is mastered, these failures will not Not difficult to solve. Today, I will teach you a few coups to solve the fault of the copper wire crusher, so that you can deal with it easily:

1. After the copper wire crusher runs normally, start feeding;

2. Materials such as waste wires and cables should be added to the crushing cavity uniformly, and adverse reactions should be avoided to prevent sudden changes in load or sudden increase in load;

3. Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise of the copper wire crusher bearing should not exceed 35℃, and the high temperature rise should not exceed 70℃.

4. Shutdown, the materials that are fed first can be closed and released after the crushing chamber is stopped;

5. During use, due to the blockage of the material in the crushing cavity of the copper wire crusher due to the pause, the motor should be turned off immediately, the material should be removed first, and then restarted;

6. Always pay attention and rub the surface of the copper wire crusher in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong its life.

In recent years, the machinery industry, especially the copper wire crusher industry, has achieved rapid growth, the scale of the industry has expanded rapidly, and the copper wire crusher industry will usher in greater growth. The machine has no noise, low pollution, flexible equipment placement, less labor, high automation, improved efficiency and small footprint. Ideal equipment for recycling.

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