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Introduce working process of cooper wire recycling plant

Copper wire recycling machine is a kind of equipment used to process waste wires and cables. It can process all kinds of household wires, wires and cables, communication cables and communication optical cables. The equipment adopts physical crushing and sorting process, which has low cost, low energy consumption, less discharge, no waste and secondary pollution, can meet environmental protection standards, and can obtain copper grain products with a purity of 99.8%. The whole process includes: feeding, primary crushing, secondary crushing, and vibration separation.

Adjust the angle of the vibrating screen according to the copper content and wire diameter. After vibrating screening, the copper grains and plastics will be separated by choice; the material in the mixing port flows into the suction pipe, and is sent to the secondary crushing through the circulating air pipe; the vibrating screen The upper suction pipe sucks the plastic fibers and other dust in the vibrating screen space to the dust removal device for treatment; the copper outlet can get qualified copper particles.

The copper wire recycling machine can effectively separate copper and plastic particles, which not only overcomes the waste of resources and secondary pollution in traditional mechanical wire recycling, but also effectively improves the metal recycling rate in waste wires and cables. It realizes the recycling process of the production line through mechanical crushing, belt conveying, magnetic iron removal, gravity sorting and electrostatic separation and other technological processes, and effectively concentrates the fiber in the waste wire and cable and the dust generated in the production process through the dust removal system. Therefore, the pollution to the environment is effectively eliminated, which is beneficial to the health of the operator and the protection of the ecological environment.

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