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what are the characteristics of SUNYGROP's copper cable recycling machine

Copper cable recycling machine is a special equipment for recycling all kinds of automobile circuit wires, communication cables and other cables and various miscellaneous materials that are not suitable for processing by wire stripping machines. After the crushing and sorting process, the copper and plastic can be completely separated, and the purpose of comprehensive utilization can be achieved, which has high economic benefits. So what are the characteristics of SUNYGROP's copper cable recycling machine?

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout and convenient installation.

2. The waste wire and cable recycling processing equipment adopts PLC control, which makes the equipment evenly fed, intelligent operation, and automatic alarm function, which makes the operation easier, saves time and effort, and ensures the stable operation of the equipment.

3. The shredder adopts a high-hardness spindle, which makes the shredder more impactful when carrying objects. Its working principle adopts the tearing type, which is composed of a micro cutter head and a cylindrical cutter shank, which greatly reduces the investment of wearing parts (tools).

4. The pulverizer, sorting equipment and dust collecting equipment are combined platform, which makes the equipment easy to move and transport, and increases the flexibility of the equipment.

5. The rotor of the pulverizer adopts alternating cutter shafts, which makes the pulverizer more productive, lower in noise and more stable in operation.

6. The waste wire and cable reuse treatment equipment adopts the combination of airflow sorting equipment and high-voltage electrostatic equipment, so that the sorting rate is as high as 99%.

7. The semi-finished product is smashed by the return system to ensure the complete separation of metal and non-metal.

8. The bag dust collector can effectively control dust overflow, and the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99%. Fully comply with environmental protection requirements. No secondary pollution.

9. The blade and screen of the wearing parts are made of special wear-resistant and high-toughness alloy material, which improves the service life and reduces the production cost.

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