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Solar panel can be recycled by our pv recycling machine

By 2050, the recycling of photovoltaic panels will not only create more green jobs, but also have a recyclable value of about 110 billion yuan. This change will make it possible to produce 2 billion new panels without investing in raw materials. This means that around 630 GW of energy could be produced just by reusing previously used materials.

As the price of solar power continues to drop, more and more homes and businesses are choosing to invest in solar power systems. As a result, more economic opportunities will emerge in the field of solar cell recycling.

Now, since the average lifespan of a solar panel is about 25 years, many components from the early 2000s will be obsolete. Do they end up in landfill or are they recycled? Recycling costs more than landfill, and recyclables are worth less than the original, so there is limited interest in recycling. But given the presence of heavy metals like lead and tin, if the waste is not managed well, we will face another recycling crisis.

Hazardous materials present in end-of-life panels can cause serious pollution and environmental problems if released into the environment. To close the energy loop, the next task for the solar panel industry is to safely dispose or recycle end-of-life products. However, at the waste management level, reuse or value-added recycling is considered preferable to destruction. The main contributor to the total weight of a typical crystalline silicon PV module is glass (75%), followed by polymers (10%), aluminum (8%), silicon (5%), copper (1%) and small amounts of silver, tin, Lead and other metals and components. Lead and tin can cause health and environmental concerns if they leach into soil and groundwater, while copper, silver and silicon have valuable opportunities if they are efficiently recycled. Therefore, the landfill option should be completely replaced by recycling to prevent environmental pollution and recover the valuable materials present in the panels.

SUNY GROUP exclusively developed solar panel recycling equipment, which can effectively separate aluminum, glass, silicon powder, and metal powder from waste solar panels. After many trial runs, our technology has become very mature. If you want to know more, please contact us: sunyrecycle@gmail.com

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