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Tetra pak recycling machine have good market prospect

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for nutritious food such as milk and juice is also expanding, which also drives the rapid growth of the use of fresh-keeping cartons in paper-plastic-aluminum packaging represented by Tetra Pak. This packaging box is made of green materials such as paper, aluminum foil and polyethylene plastic, and is a renewable resource. Tetra pak recycling line is used for recycling all kinds paper-plastic-aluminum composite packing. We have rich experience in this field.

At present, there are many methods for the recycling and recycling of paper-plastic-aluminum composite paper packaging, but they are limited by the low recovery rate and cannot play their due role. The paper-plastic separation function can separate Tetra Pak very well, and The separation efficiency is high and the operation is simple; the separated pulp is produced into recycled paper; plastic is produced into granules; it creates considerable profits for paper and plastic recycling manufacturers; and realizes good circular economic benefits.

tetra pak recycling machine

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