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SUNY GROUP Physical methods for recycling Tetra Pak

The paper-aluminum-plastic packaging boxes represented by Tetra Pak are mostly used for the packaging of milk, juice, coffee, wine, soybean milk and other liquid products, and the materials are mainly polyethylene plastic, aluminum foil and cardboard. Because it is roughly the same as Tetra Pak’s packaging, it is usually called Tetra Pak on the market. In the past, this kind of packaging was discarded into domestic waste and landfilled with unified treatment, which caused waste of materials and environmental impact. Influence.

As early as more than ten years ago, research on the recycling and reuse of Tetra Pak has been carried out in China. The traditional process solutions include color board technology, plastic wood technology, and hydraulic recycled pulp technology.

Tetra Pak technology is to crush Tetra Pak directly, and after hot-pressing treatment, it is made into a color board, which is further processed into fruit boxes and other products; the wood-plastic technology is to crush and extrude Tetra Pak, Produced as plastic-wood products such as gardening facilities, industrial pallets, and furniture; hydraulic recycled pulp technology is to separate the pulp in Tetra Pak first, and then use it for papermaking, and the remaining aluminum-plastic mixture is extruded into granules to directly produce aluminum plastic products.

SUNY GROUP has rich experience in the recycling industry, and can customize recycling processes for various materials for customers. If you also want to develop this business, welcome to visit the factory to test the machine.

tetra pak recycling machine

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