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Used solar photovoltaic panels can be recycled and reused

The large-scale application of solar photovoltaic power generation technology will greatly increase the consumption of some rare metals. For example, the electrode preparation of crystalline silicon batteries needs to consume silver, tellurium, indium, gallium, etc. These materials also have broad application prospects in other technical fields. If the rare metals in the photovoltaic modules are not recycled after they are scrapped, it will inevitably cause waste.

According to the research of EU PV CYCLE organization, in waste photovoltaic modules, glass accounts for about 70% of the total weight, aluminum materials account for about 18%, and semiconductor materials account for about 4%. That is to say, most of the materials of photovoltaic modules have the possibility of recycling. Through the recycling of waste photovoltaic modules, the recycling of rare metals, glass, aluminum, semiconductors and other materials can be realized, so as to reduce the mining of primary resources, reduce the energy consumption of resource extraction, and reduce the impact and damage on the ecological environment. Purpose.

Secondly, the recycling and reuse of waste photovoltaic modules can give birth to new industrial forms and create more employment value. Judging from the current recycling process of waste photovoltaic modules in Europe, the entire operation and management process of waste photovoltaic module treatment includes collection, registration, transportation, recycling, recycling, etc., and each link requires a large number of personnel to participate, especially recycling. The link needs more professional recycling technicians. Therefore, the recycling of waste photovoltaic modules can give birth to new industrial forms and create more employment value.

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