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How to recycle the waste lithium battery properly

SUNY GROUP has a lithium battery physical recycling line and a lithium battery pyrolysis recycling line. The two use different processing methods and target different materials. The lithium battery physical recycling line is mainly used to process dry batteries without electrolyte in the lithium battery. Because it needs to be broken, the presence of electrolyte in the lithium battery will cause trouble in sorting after crushing. The lithium battery pyrolysis recycling line is specially used to process lithium batteries with electrolyte.

When recycling lithium batteries, you must pay attention to production safety. There is still some electricity in the used lithium battery, and if it is crushed and shredded, it may catch fire and explode. In this case, the lithium battery should be soaked in a salt water pool for discharge treatment before proceeding to the next step. There is still a risk of fire after discharge treatment of lithium batteries, so we fill the shredder with inert gas to reduce the possibility of fire, and then we can safely put the lithium battery into the shredder for crushing.

After the lithium battery is crushed, the casing and film are sorted out through the first step of screening, and then the remaining materials are sent to the carbonization furnace for carbonization treatment. Our carbonization furnace is a continuous carbonization furnace. For the carbonization of materials, materials can be continuously input without stopping in the middle. After the first batch of incoming materials is carbonized, it can be directly discharged and sent to the next process. This processing method greatly improves production efficiency, avoids the continuous switching of the carbonization furnace, and saves manpower and material resources.

Send the carbonized lithium battery fragments into the crusher for secondary crushing. The dust and black powder generated during the crushing process will be removed by the negative pressure wind, so that dust pollution will not occur. Moreover, in the entire lithium battery pyrolysis recycling line, there are multiple pipelines connected to the crushing equipment and screening equipment. These pipelines use negative pressure wind to extract the black powder and dust generated during the operation of the machine, and then collect it. The purity of black powder can reach more than 97%.

The lithium battery pyrolysis recycling line can automatically and continuously process lithium batteries, and can sort out resources with recycling value such as aluminum, copper, casings, films, and black powder in lithium batteries. And it can reduce energy waste and environmental pollution in production. With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, we will do our best to develop better equipment and make greater contributions to the recycling of resources and environmental protection.

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