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Specific recycling process of waste li ion battery

Lithium battery recycling equipment can be used for the processing of lithium batteries, used lithium batteries, dry batteries, and waste batteries. The industrial process of lithium battery recycling equipment is divided into the following four steps:

1. Collection: Through battery recycling bins in various cities, we jointly build waste battery recycling stations with big cities and scattered battery recyclers for mobile phone waste lithium batteries; cooperate with lithium battery manufacturers to collect scraps from battery factories;

2. Discharge:

Set up a stainless steel discharge tank in the workshop, filled with salt water solution, and use the industry to put the packed waste batteries into the discharge tank one by one and soak them for more than 30 minutes. After discharge, the batteries are spread out to dry naturally;

3. Disassembly:

The packaged waste lithium batteries are disassembled manually or by machine. The disassembled casings, aluminum foils, copper foils, etc. are classified into different materials according to different materials. During the disassembly process, gloves and other seals are used to prevent Dust shredding + hammer crushing equipment.


The battery materials containing cobalt, manganese and other metals that can be used for subsequent processing after disassembly are crushed in a pulverizer. The pulverizer is equipped with a dust collection device and does not pollute the outside world.

Utilize the process industry line of physical crushing and screening to improve the current mature process, realize the resource utilization and harmless disposal of waste lithium-ion batteries, and obtain better environmental, economic and social benefits!

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