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Mask Raw Materials

As a professional mask machine manufacturer, we can provide customers with integrated mask production solutions, from mask making machines, mask packaging machines, mask sterilization machines, and various raw materials required for masks, such as: non-woven fabrics, melt-blown fabrics, nose bridges, ear strap ropes, etc. If you have needs, please contact us in time.

Please note that the non-woven fabrics we can provide are s and ss grades (25g); for melt-blown fabrics, we have two types: the first type of filtration effect can reach more than 95%, the second type of filtration effect can Over 99%. We can guarantee the long-term stable supply of these two raw materials, please select the appropriate product according to your needs.

  • Ear Strap Ropes
    3 mm, in stock

    Ear strap ropes are used for disposable mask

    Products Name Ear Strap Ropes
    Type Round rope or Flat rope
    Material Spandex Nylon Elastic
    Wide 3.0 mm
    Color White
  • Mask Non-woven Fabric
    Waterproof, Breathable

    Mask non-woven fabrics according to requirements of clients. The fabric weight , dimension, color, logo, printing, design can be produced as per customers' requirement.

    Products Name PP Spunbonded Non-woven Fabric
    Material 100% polypropylene
    Weight Valid 25GSM-30GSM
    Technic Spunbonded
    Color White & Blue
    Roll Length As per your requirement
  • Melt-blown Fabric

    Melt-blown non-woven fabric is an ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabric understretched by strong hot air. It has high filtration efficiency, and integrates functions such as bacteria isolation, poison filtration, heat insulation, warmth, insulation, non-toxicity and non-irritation.

    Products Name Melt-blown non-woven fabric
    Material 100% polypropylene
    Weight Valid 25GSM
    Width 175 mm
    Level PFE95 & PEF99
  • Nose Bridge
    3mm Mask Bridge Strip, PE Single Core

    Bridge core is used for disposable mask nose bridge fixing, outside is PE plastic, the inside is galvanized iron wire, we can supply single core and double cores.

    Products Name Nose bridge for mask
    Material PE and Iron wire
    Wide 3.0 mm
    Color White
    Ply Type Single or Double
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